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The Demo Den is a presentation made each year at the New Jersey Science Convention. It showcases lessons plans and and ideas used by experienced biology teachers that may be employed in the K-12 classroom.


The Dynamic Cell Membrane
Polymer Paper Dolls Demo
Protein Folding Demo
Stomata Demo


Berry Full of DNA - Lesson Plan
Berry Full of DNA - Procedure
Food on Planes
A New Model for Inquiry
An Activity Model for Scientific Inquiry
Meiosis Simulation
Modeling the Cell CYcle
Modeling Cellular Transport and Translation
Modeling Gametogenesis, Transcription Lego Lab, Biochemical Evidence for Evolution
Review Games


Diffusion Demo (Balloons)
DNA Cookie Lab
Earth Adventures Travel Company
Inferences and Scientific Investigation
The Scientific Method
Petals and Roses
Sucrase Action on Sucrose
Water Cycle Activity


Ecosystem Lab
Food Coloring and Blood Typing
Food Label Fun
Impatiens Observation
A Few More Short Demos
Pizza Microscope Lab
The Scientific Method
A Few Short Demos
Toxic Jello Lab Diffusion
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