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BTANJ maintains a body of links of relevance to biology teachers. Should you have suggestions for inclusion in this list, please foward to:

The Biology Project
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Understanding Evolution
If you are looking for a clear and concise explanation for the endosymbiotic theory, look no further. This site starts off with a case study that involved an endosymbiotic relationship between an amoeba and a pathogenic bacterium. Through this case study, you are introduced to the ideas of symbiotic relationships and the roles they play in evolution of organisms. Then, the focus switches to the history and the evidence for the evolution of eukaryotic cells via the endosymbiotic theory. Overall, the site provides an excellent explanation of the endosymbiotic theory that is easy for students to understand.

Cells Alive
Includes information, models, and animations dealing with cell biology, microbiology, immunology, microscopy.

RNAi mechanism
"The Genographic Project"
National Geographic, May 19, 2006. The goal of the Genographic Project is to trace the migration patterns of humans over time through analyzing the DNA of over 100,000 indigenous individuals. Found within this web site is an interactive tool called the "Atlas of the Human Journey." This tool allows you to explore the human migration. You may even explore your own ancestral journey by participating within the project.

Other Evolution sites:


Archaelogical Finds of Early Humans


What is life’s history on Earth?

Genealmanac at DNALC
Like Biointeractive, it is the launch pad for a number of animated Internet sites -- such as DNA From the Beginning and DNA Interactive -- as well as online experiments and databases -- such as Genetic Origins and the Eugenics Archive.
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