The Biology Teachers Association of New Jersey is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the state of life science education in New Jersey. The organization seeks to aid teachers by organizing hands-on workshops, publishing an informative newsletter, and providing a means by which teachers can exchange ideas and opinions. We also do consultation work for science teacher professional development and for review of published materials.

We have been serving biology teachers for the past thirty years. During this time, we have run spring conventions, after school and Saturday workshops, share-a-thons and AP Life Lines to keep our membership abreast in content and methodology. Today, our motto suggests, we "get connected and stay connected " through a newsletter, an expanding calendar of events, and a new website featuring resources we believe opens up avenues for more creativity in our classrooms.

Each year we lend our support to the New Jersey Science convention garnering local, state, and national experts in the field whose presentations are dedicated solely to the needs of Biology teachers. One of our featured convention workshops, called "Not for Demos Only" brings the sharing to the grass roots level, attracting new members who go on to serve in varying capacities. We are taken by the notion of sharing, adapting and using. We view ourselves as a clearinghouse for effective teaching ideas.

Our partnership with the NJ Association for Biomedical Research produces "Science In The Cinema," a biology film festival open to all. We have also partnered up with the Native Plant Society of New Jersey whose outreach helps teachers construct their own Native Plant/Rain Gardens. We have provided funds for a first prize savings bond to the Partnerships for NJ Plant Conservation to support their poster content.

We welcome your partnership and invite you to "Get connected and stay connected."